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Take These 7 Steps Now To Get More Instagram Likes In 2022

Has this ever happened to you? You’ve created the perfect Instagram post. It’s a flawless blend of content and design. You’re sure to get more Instagram likes with this masterpiece.
So, you upload your images.
You write your caption.
And you click Share.
But after 20 minutes… not a single like.
Those minutes turn into hours. And the only likes on your post are from your mom, your grandma, and your friend John.
Still No Instagram Likes?
How did this happen? You spent hours on that post. And it ended up with a reach of 45 accounts and 3 likes.
But you can make sure it doesn’t happen again in the new year if you act fast.
Here are 7 steps to take to get more Instagram likes in 2021.

1. Target Your Instagram Audience Down to the User

You might think you have a niche. But targeting business owners, retail store managers, or people who want to lose weight isn’t specific enough. You need to figure out your ideal follower and create content especially for them.
If you really want to find success on Instagram, create social media personas. Dive deep into your audience. You can get information with analytics software, visiting your current follower’s profiles, and just asking them!
Use the data to build a persona. Maybe your ideal follower is a 25-year-old, Hispanic, married woman from San Diego who has two kids and a dog. But don’t stop with demographics. Add psychographics too. She’s motivated by her desire to be the best. She always puts her family first. And she’s religious but doesn’t think church services are important.
Create personas for 5 or so of your ideal followers. Name them. Before you create your next post, ask yourself, “What would Marilyn, Michael, and Julia think of this? Will it pique their interest? Will it turn them off?” Now your ideal follower is much more likely to engage!

2. Create Better Instagram Content

Creating great content might seem like a no-brainer. You might even say that you’re doing this already. But if you’re going to get more Instagram likes, you’ll need some epic content. Start creating that content now so you’ll have enough to last you through 2021.
Let’s talk photos and images. These are the heart and soul of Instagram. If you don’t have captivating visuals, Marilyn, Michael, and Julia will keep scrolling. That doesn’t mean you have to take perfect photos. But something about your image needs get them to take a second look.
Now onto the caption. Your image might get you a like. But your caption can give someone that extra push to save your post or follow you. Break up your copy into paragraphs and headers. Use emojis to add flavor. Deliver value. If it’s all fluff, the reader will just roll their eyes and move along.
Remember that Instagram shortens the captions in your followers’ feeds. So, your first sentence needs to hook their attention and get them to expand the rest of the copy. Include a call to action. People love stories. So, if you have one to tell, include it.

3. Get More Instagram Followers (Real Ones)

To get more likes, you’ll need more people to see your posts.

And it’s not just about follower count.
You need real followers.
People who actually want to see your content.
Start building this real audience now so you get off to a good start in 2021.
Get Real Instagram Followers
Follow/unfollow schemes do very little for you when it comes to likes. Sure, it boosts the follower numbers. But those followers don’t care about your posts. They’re not liking them. And probably not even seeing them.
They’re following thousands of accounts because they’re in the follow-back club. They follow anyone who’s ever followed them. And that means the likelihood of Instagram showing your post to them is tiny. They probably aren’t even scrolling their feed.
You’re going to need real people following you if you’re going to get engagement. And that’s going to take some elbow grease. Target potential followers. Comment on their posts. Earn those follows!
Want help growing your follower count?
Check out Neil Patel’s “Instagram Unlocked: How to Go From 0 to 100,000 Followers” course on YouTube! Neil offers a strategy to grow your following that really works!

4. Start Using the Right Instagram Hashtags Now

Many Instagram users have embraced the hashtag. They include hashtags. They follow hashtags. They click hashtags. And they search for hashtags.
Don’t pick random hashtags for your posts. You can’t make effective use of hashtags without a little research. Use tools like All Hashtag and Hashtagify to find popular hashtags in your niche.
Visit your competitor’s pages and see what hashtags they’re using. Only pick hashtags that are appropriate to your audience too. You won’t trick Instagram with bogus tags.
Don’t forget about the less popular hashtags too. Longer hashtags might not be as common. But they’re often more specific. Target users that others have forgotten and you’ll get more follows and likes. Start using these lesser know hashtags now to earn follows for 2021 likes.

5. Engage With Users On Instagram Stories

You might feel like you don’t have time for stories. There are so many of them for the accounts you follow. And it’s enough work posting to your feed. How could you add your own stories too?
This is a code you’ll have to crack if you’re going to get more Instagram likes in 2021. The boost in popularity with stories isn’t an accident. Users love them.
Know why? Well, for followers, stories are a great way to peer into your day-to-day. A behind-the-scenes look is tempting. Stories also offer a quick way for followers to send a DM.
For creators, stories help you get feedback fast. Many who won’t take time to leave comments will respond to polls, take quizzes, or drag sliders. Listen to your followers and create better content.

6. Tag Relevant Instagram Accounts and Set Locations

Chances are, you’re not the only user on Instagram in your niche.
It’s time to leverage those more popular accounts for your growth.
When appropriate, tag the account of an Instagram influencer or another brand. Or mention them in your caption.
Set Your Location
Don’t just tag accounts for the sake of doing so. That won’t do you any good. You want the account you tag to like, follow, or share. And you’ll need to catch their attention beyond the tag.
Let’s say you’re in a food or travel niche.
Try this: Create a round-up post. Something like “My top 5 restaurants” and tag the restaurant accounts on your photos.
The next thing you can do is set your location on your post. If you have a physical location your followers frequently visit, that’s a great start. But you can also use city and state combos to expand your reach to persons who search on Instagram by place.
Don’t fake it. Only post pictures and images with locations within your market or the actual location for the photos. The algorithm (and users) won’t like it if you’re ruining their search results and feeds.

7. Link Your Instagram Account to Other Platforms

A great way to expand your reach is to link your Instagram account to your other social media accounts. If you’re targeting your Instagram growth and don’t have much time or energy for other platforms, there are almost no drawbacks to cross-posting.

If you are trying to build an audience on those channels too, consider how your Instagram account can have a relationship with those accounts. Ask followers on Facebook to check out exclusive content on Instagram and vice-versa. Win-win!

The Instagram app and social media scheduling software like Hootsuite and Buffer make it easy to post your Instagram content to other platforms. But there’s another strategy that might help you get more Instagram likes.

If you include links instead of putting the media on other platforms, you might keep those likes and follows on Instagram. Sure, you can easily upload your image to Twitter. But a link will bring the potential follower to your Instagram profile and get you that Instagram love.

What do you think of these 7 steps?

Which one are you going to try first?

What’d I miss?

Tell me in the comments below!

If you want help with your goal to get more Instagram likes in 2021, book your free consult today!

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