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Is Blogging Still Relevant In 2022? 9 Reasons to Keep Your Business Blog

When you run a business, you’ve got no time to waste. Everything you do needs to bring results.

You can’t spend hours on a task and get no return. Writing takes time. And time is money, right? So, you might ask yourself, “Is blogging still relevant in 2022?”

It’s a valid question. Especially if you’re not seeing the engagement you once did. Let’s consider nine reasons why you might not want to give up on your blog in 2022.

By the way, before we get started, the answer is yes. Blogging is worth your time. If all you came for was a yes or no answer, use the time I just saved you to leave a comment.

1. Blogging Promotes Your Business

How many people are writing about your business regularly? If you own a small business, chances are it’s just you. And maybe someone you pay.

With your blog, you can write about new products, upcoming events, and even how you’re handling the COVID-19 pandemic. No one else will share this information with your customers.

2. Blogging Boosts Your Creativity

When you set a regular schedule for posting to your blog, you’re forced to come up with something to write about. There’s nothing like writing a blog post to make you realize that your industry might not be all that interesting.

So, it’s up to you to make it interesting. Writing a blog pushes you to learn more about your business, products, and employees. And then spin all that info into an interesting post.

3. Blogging Builds Your Confidence

Think about your first blog post. Were you nervous? Afraid you’d wake up to an inbox full of comments criticizing your post? That didn’t happen, did it?

Each post got easier. You don’t second-guess your writing anymore. Well, not as much, anyway. You’ve had to dig deep on some posts and you’ve learned a lot. Now you’re confident when you share what you know with the world.

4. Blogging Makes You a Better Communicator

Much of our communication these days is written. Whether it’s email, texting, Slack, social media, or letters, we write as much as we speak.

Your regular blog post pushes you to become a better writer. And we’re not just talking grammar and spelling. The more you write, the better you are at making your point. You’re clearer. You’re more comfortable. You’re funnier. And everyone wants to hear from you!

5. Blogging Helps With SEO

You’ve seen the value of SEO on your website. Your web developer had SEO in might when he built your site. Keyword research, rich content, and building links to your site boosted your traffic. You’ve even optimized pages for voice search.

But blogging lets you tap into even more search traffic. You’re able to focus blogs on topics important to your audience and capture the attention of search engines. Fresh prospects visit your business site thanks to your blog.

6. Blogging Reminds You What Customers Want

When you’re busy with the day-to-day tasks of running your business, it can be easy to lose touch with your customers. You might start to assume you still know what they want. But people change. Yes, your customers are people. Blogging reminds you of that.

Regular blogging helps you stay on top of emerging trends. When coming up with topics, you look at your processes and products from your customer’s perspective. Comments on your blog and social media give you instant feedback on what they think.

7. Blogging Lets You Tell Your Story

If you know your stuff, you made your About Us page about your customer. Not you or your business. Spending too much time talking about yourself can really turn customers off to your brand.

But that doesn’t mean your audience doesn’t want to you hear about you. Your blog is a great place to tell your story. You can express your opinions. Your desires. Your dreams. Your store can resonate with readers and grow your following.

8. Blogging Gets You Engagement

With your blog, you get a real chance to engage with your audience. You write about their needs and help them see how your product can help. You connect in ways that the rest of your website copy can’t. Blogs let you get personal and build a community out of your customers.

Blogging also helps you collect email addresses. Sure, you’ve got your contact form and your lead magnet on your website. But adding a form in the middle of a blog post to collect emails is effective too. Many will give you their email just to find out about your next post.

9. Blogging Is Fun

What better reason do you need to keep blogging other than how much you enjoy it? It adds some variety to your week. And it gives you a chance to be creative.

With all the other benefits of blogging, it’s definitely worth your time. So keep it up! Watch your traffic rise! Grow your following. And have fun doing it!

Is Blogging Still Relevant in 2022?

What do you think? Is blogging still relevant in 2022?

If you aren’t convinced, first watch this video from Sean Ogle and then decide.

What do you think? Is blogging still relevant in 2022?

So, will you stick with your blog?

Let us know in the comments!

Eventually, you’ll get to a point where you’ll need someone else to write for your blog.

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