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9 of the Best Marketing Messaging Strategies for 2022

Need to start a website that sells?

Want to grow your social media following?

Ready to write email copy that converts?

You’ll need an effective marketing messaging strategy to pull it off!

Your messaging strategy is critical to your business. It’s how you position your brand. And it should influence every bit of marketing attached to your business from physical signage to online ads to customer service.

Your marketing messaging helps you build brand awareness and inform your customers about who you are as a business. It’s important to put your strategy together with great care.

Start by answering these questions first:

What’s your brand’s overarching message?
What message can help you best market your brand now?
What do you want your message to be in 2 years?… 5 years?

Here are 9 of the best marketing messaging strategies for 2022!

1. Differentiate Your Brand

If your messaging isn’t unique, you’ll be forgotten fast. What makes your offering better than your competitor’s? Remind your customers why your products are the best in the industry.

What if your products are similar to your competitors? How can you differentiate? Find a feature no one else is talking about. Then make a big deal out of it. Are your widgets blue and everyone else’s widgets are green?

“Choose blue to know you’re getting the highest quality.”

2. Share Your Goals

You have goals for your business. Find one that resonates with your audience.

Think about the ways you want to give back. Want to help save the environment? Want to make a difference to humanity? Consumers are drawn to companies with a purpose.

3. Understand Your Audience

Now that your customers can identify with your goals, you need to identify with your customers. Find out as much as you can about them. Build a list of characteristics. What words would you use to describe your customers? What are their interests?

The best way to do this is with a buyer persona. Start with 2-4 personas. The goal is to take a deep dive into your ideal customers. Every time you market your product, post on social media, or run an ad, you need to appeal to one or more of those perfect clients.

This 1.5-minute video explains more:

4. Tell Your Story

You started your business for a reason. Talk about it. The story behind your company might help customers form an emotional connection with it.

Make your story part of your messaging strategy. Tell your audience where you came from, what challenges you’ve overcome, and where you’re headed. Getting personal is a great way to resonate with your audience.

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5. Create a Guide

Your messaging strategy needs to be outlined in a guide. This guide should contain your key differentiators, your company goals, information about your audience, and your story.

Add style instructions, such as your company’s “voice.” Are you all about positivity? Or do you like to get scrappy and antagonize the competition?

6. Show Some Feeling

Now it’s time to get real. Show your audience what excites you. Celebrate your wins! More importantly, celebrate with your customers when they say your product or service helped them succeed!

Tell your fans what keeps you up at night. Get mad when you see bad products or bad deals flood your market. You might find that your audience will quickly support your cause.

7. Give ‘Em Attitude

Your industry isn’t all roses.

Get real with your customers.

Create a rallying cry!

Whether you’re fighting the competition or calling out customers because they’re not being honest with themselves, getting raw can be a great way to drive engagement.

8. Build Your Image

Something about your business makes it the best. If not, you should close the doors right now and do something else with your life. There’s some of that attitude we were just talking about. 😉

You might not be the biggest. You might not offer the most premium product or service. And you might not be the most profitable. But perhaps you have the most knowledgeable team in the industry. Run with it. Build up your rep. Whatever makes you the best, make sure your customers know about it.

9. Ask for Feedback

Keep working with your team to improve your marketing messaging strategy. Listen to your team and your customers. Don’t just listen. Ask for feedback. And give the suggestions a shot.

Know that not everything’s going to work. An ad might strike a nerve. Some emails won’t get clicks. Entire marketing campaigns might even fall flat. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

Critical feedback is just another chance to refine your messaging strategy and make it more effective. How you receive and implement feedback also says something about your brand. So there’s another way to show your customers what sets you apart from the rest.

Your marketing messaging strategy should be at the core of your business. Now set your goals and get your messaging out there!

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